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Dear radio lover, to provide you with our service through our platforms (website and app), we need your consent to our Terms of Service. This document guides you on how to use the various possibilities we offer you and on your understanding regarding your responsibilities and the benefits we bring. 

We, Willians Spineli Venga e Cia LTDA (“Radios.com.br”, “Radiosnet”, “our” or “us”) have been in this market since 1997 to bring the best compilation of radio stations, providing the best accessibility to such content for you. Therefore, through our platforms, you will have access to a wide range of AM, FM,  and Web broadcasts.

It is free and you can continuously access this vast database created according to information such as city, region, country, and genre, therefore being able to hear these stations in our players on our website or our app.

In addition to all the benefits described above, we also provide you with the following services, complying with the values below:

Security and privacy. We value your data secrecy, therefore we developed protection mechanisms to avoid any leaking to third parties. All data sharing is performed according to principles regarding privacy, informational self-determination, freedom of speech, information, communication and opinion, and the inviolability of your intimacy, dignity, and personality rights.

To connect you to your favorite station. We bring you the best tools for you to connect to the radio stations you love the most with simplicity and ease. You are also able to set them as favorite stations freely and always access them through your browser and our mobile app, logging in with your username and password.

Age. To use and sign in to our services you must be at least 16 (sixteen) years old. If you are too young to validate this acceptance to our Terms of Service in your country or territory, your parents or legal representatives must accept our Terms on your behalf. In this sense, we request you to ask your parents or legal representatives to read these terms so you get to know them further.

Device and software. You must provide certain data from certain devices, software and connections, which are not provided by us, to use our services. To do so, you agree to download them manually or automatically, as well as install their updates on your device. You also agree to our sending you notifications about the benefits we offer from time to time as necessary to provide our services to you. You can change your notification preferences in your device or browser settings.

Partner companies. We use the services and apps provided by Google and Facebook. Radiosnet and all its platforms receive and share information with Google and Facebook, according to our Policy notice (“Privacy Policy”) and, insofar as appropriate, also Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and Facebook Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. This aims to provide the possible integrations that allow you to connect the experience of our platforms to other products of the linked companies, ensuring security, protection, and integrity of Radiosnet as well as the linked companies and to improve your experience with advertisements and products from such companies. For more details, visit each partner's specific terms and policies.

Registration. You can personally sign in to our platforms as an individual to have full access to your favorite stations, as well as to request the addition of stations that are not yet in our catalog. In this sense, you can access our website and fill in the form on www.radios.com.br/adicionar with the necessary data. After that, we will analyze your request so we can include the new station.


I want to modify some station information. What should I do?

In case you deem any of the information on our catalog to be wrong, you can contact us requesting the necessary modifications. 

To do so, you must:

The informed data will be collected and treated according to our Privacy Policy, which you see on https://www.radios.com.br/privacidade?lang=en.

We will analyze it within 5 (five) working days and will let you know about the modification result to the email address informed.


I want to delete a station from the catalog. What should I do?

Only the station's administrator, creator, or owner may demand its deletion from our catalog.

Therefore, the station's elimination procedure is:

  • To contact us through filling the form on https://www.radios.com.br/excluir or through e-mail to be sent to [email protected];
  • The message must contain the following information: name, CNPJ, city, state, and country, as well the documents proof of the station's ownership;
  • After receiving the message, we will turn the station's status to archived while we analyze the informed data;
  • In the end, we will delete the radio station from our catalog, sending a new message through your email address to let you know about the elimination.

If you are a third party that, for just motive, legal obligation, or right can likewise demand the deletion, we ask you to send us an email through [email protected] with the following information: full name, identity number, and the deletion motive. 

We will examine your request and, if the reason is deemed just by our previous legitimacy analysis, we will start the procedure described above, performing all the necessary diligence to delete the station.


I am a radio station's owner. What are the possible services?

If you are a radio station's owner, besides all the services presented above in these Terms of Service, you can also join one of our plans. With them, you can boost your station's exposure through ads on our platforms.  

You can check the details and benefits of each plan on the following link: https://www.radios.com.br/planos

The data are collected according to our Privacy Policy (which can be seen here) and, afterward, you will be informed about your station in our most viewed positions.


I am a radio station's owner. Can users contact me?

It is possible for users to contact you through the data made available on our website. The data presented are public, as publicized on the radio platforms themselves, or are added at the request of the owners.

Should you wish to make any changes to the contact data, feel free to contact us as instructed at https://www.radios.com.br/atualizar.

You can also see how we treat the information collected in our Privacy Policy.



What happens to my trademark if I join the Radiosnet catalog?

In case you join our catalog, your trademark will be shown on our homepage and as a result if any user searches for it on the website.

As a means for that to happen, you agree to assign the picture and voice rights inherent to your trademark in order to meet the sole purpose of trademark advertisement in our platform, as we shall respect, always, the law, ethics, and sound judgment.

The assignment of rights of use and reproduction of picture and voice, as stated above, on the other hand, does not imply any burdens to your Station, occurring free of cost and voluntarily. 


What about my Copyrights? Will I lose them?

You will not lose any copyrights arising from your radio station. Radiosnet complies with the Brazilian Copyright Act and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in order to protect any infringements against your content copyright. 

However, by requesting the inclusion of your radio in our services, you agree to partially assign your copyright for the sole purpose of reproduction of your consent within our platforms, as well as for compliance with these terms of service in order to bring the plan to which you have subscribed to effect. 

In no way will Radiosnet use this information without giving due credit to the creating radio station. Likewise, you, the radio station’s owner or administrator, undertake to give due credit and royalties to all content creators within your broadcast, respecting the limits of fair use.


One of the radio stations in the catalog is infringing my copyrights. What can I do about it?

Radiosnet in no way agrees with infringements of this sort. In case there is any disrespect to your rights, we ask you to contact us by filling out the form at the following address https://www.radios.com.br/excluir?lang=en or through e-mail to be sent to [email protected].

The following data will be collected: first and last name, e-mail address, ID, access device, and content of the message/complaint. This data is collected under our Privacy Policy (click here). This data is collected to verify your identity and to comply with our legal obligations against digital piracy. 

After our analysis, and if we conclude that there has indeed been an infringement, we will remove the content from our platforms immediately and inform you of the decision. 



Availability of our services. We are always looking to improve our services. This means we may extend, add, or remove our benefits, features, functionality, and compatibility with certain devices and platforms. Our services may be interrupted or suspended, including for maintenance, repairs, upgrades, or network or equipment failures. We may discontinue some or all of our services, including certain features and support for certain devices and platforms, at any time. Events beyond our control may affect our services, such as fortuitous events or force majeure.

Our Terms and Policies. Our services must be used under our Terms and Policies. If you violate our Terms or Policies, we may take action against your account, such as deactivating or suspending it. If we do this, you agree not to create another account without our permission. Deactivation, suspension, or deletion of your account may be done through the website in the browser or through the application at any time for any reason.

We may modify, suspend, or terminate your access to or use of our services at any time for just motive, for example, if you violate the provisions or intent of these Terms or harm, endanger, or legally expose us, our users, or others. We may also deactivate or delete your account if it is not active after registration or if your account remains inactive for an extended period. In such cases, suspension, deactivation, or deletion will be duly justified by us to allow for adversarial proceedings.

Legal and Acceptable Use. Our services are to be accessed and used only for legal, authorized, and acceptable purposes. Likewise, we reserve the right to exclude radio stations from our catalog that do not respect the provisions below.

You will not use or assist others to use our services 

  1. in a way that violates, misappropriates, or infringes rights of Radiosnet, our users, partners, or third parties, including privacy, publicity, intellectual property or other ownership rights;
  2. in a manner that is illegal, defamatory, obscene, threatening, intimidating, harassing, hateful either racially, ethnically, or in terms of sexual identity or orientation, or which instigates or encourages conduct that is unlawful or inappropriate, such as inciting violent crimes, exploiting children or others, endangering them, or coordinating actual harm;
  3. involving false, incorrect, or misleading statements; 
  4. to impersonate another person;
  5. to send illegal or impermissible communications; or
  6. in a manner involving non-personal use of our services unless authorized by us.



In our Radiosnet application, you can use our services without being exposed to videos and images aimed at targeted advertising, called RadiosNet PRO. To be able to browse our stations freely without ads, all you have to do is subscribe to a one-year or six-month subscription, which is automatically renewed unless you expressly request otherwise.

Although you can remove the visual ads, such as banners and video ads in our application, you will not be able to remove the audio advertisements broadcast by the radio station, since it is not possible for us to interfere in its internal programming. 

The benefits of RadiosNet Pro are:

  • Removal of visual and full screen ads from the app;
  • Controls for switching radios, such as buttons in Notification, Lock Screen, and Car Mode;
  • Car Mode, adding bigger and optimized display of buttons, text, and images for easier viewing and navigation;
  • Premium Player:  besides an exclusive look without visual ads, it enables the “open car mode as default” and “play the radio without opening a new screen” options. 



You are responsible for keeping your device and Radiosnet account safe and protected, and you must inform us immediately should you realize an unauthorized usage or security violation on your account or our services.

If you do not want to maintain your account on Radiosnet’s website or app, you can, at any time, delete your account through any device by accessing your profile’s menu.



These Terms of Use may be updated at any time and may immediately come into force as long as it does not infringe on any of the users' rights. The changes will be duly informed to the users through the registered address and if you do not agree with such changes in our services, you can simply stop using them. Modifications to this Term that involve changes in the benefits listed in the "Plans'' section will occur only after prior notification to users subscribing to our application in the PRO version by email within 30 days. The change will also be announced with the same advance notice on the site (www.radios.com.br) and in our Radiosnet application. If you are a beneficiary of our Plans and no longer wish to continue under the conditions established in the modification, simply request cancellation of the subscription and refund of the remaining amount for the annual fee.

Radiosnet is happy with your presence on our platforms to create together a strong network of radios worldwide.