Radio Exclusion


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Important! In case you already have an active radio and only want to update it with new information or reactivate it, please use the Update Form.

If you're the owner, administrator or responsible party for the station and wish it to be excluded permanently from and the RadiosNet app, please require it using the form below.

In case you're just a listener, but knows the station has ceased broadcasting, you can also require its exclusion, but your demmand will be analysed by our team.

Fields with an * are mandatory

Please confirm if you've picked the correct radio station to exclude. Verify the current info before proceding.

Radio WOUB 91.3 FM
Athens / OH - Estados Unidos

Choose and option and proceed to the following steps. *

Yes! I wish to exclude this station No! I wish to exclude another station

Type in the fields above and follow the next steps.

Inform the station's responsible party email address so that our team can contact it to confirm the exclusion in any case of uncertainty.

Being just a listener, it is not necessary to provide registration data. The exclusion requiremente will be validated by our own team and fulfilled if appropriate.

Inform the reason by which you wish for the station to be permanently deleted from our database.

By requiring this exclusion, you are agreeing with the complete removal of your station's data from our database, removing it from the website and the RadiosNet app.

You are also agreeing that we reserve the right to validate the exclusion demmand to avoid any fraud attempts. If necessary, before fulfilling the demand, our team will contact you to confirm the received information.

Importante: Your IP address will be recorded in our system and you may be held accountable to any false information provided.

The deadline is 5 business days, medium, which may vary according to our demmand at the time;
We don't check for exclusions on weekends and holidays.